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Hair Brushes

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*Vent Brush

Used for rapid drying,styling or finishing. Provides lift and fullness for your hairstyle. Creates a soft feathering look. Firm but flexible bristles give the control you need to create the perfect style.( available with ball- tipped nylon bristles/natural boar bristles/porcupine bristles)

*Denman Style Brush

A versatile brush used for creating lift and fullness. This slightly rounded brush is useful for turning the ends under on hair. Close set firm rubber bristles penetrate to scalp and brush easily through hair. Feathers hair and gives superior control.(available with 5rows/7rows/9rows)

*Cushion Brush

Cushion brush used to dry long or medium length hair straight and smooth. Firm but flexible bristles. Comfort tipped for brushing ease. (available with ball-tipped nylon bristles/ natural boar bristles/porcupine bristles)

*Round Roll Brush

Used to turn hair under and add fullness.Designed to be used while blowdrying. Short, firm nylon bristles provides excellent control. No snag tips for easy shaping or curling. Can be used to smooth out curly hair (natural or permed) . (available with ball-tipped nylon bristles/natural boar bristles/porcupine bristles)

*Hot Curling Brush

Vented aluminium cylinder heats up for fast styling, curling or shaping. Non-tangle bristles hold up even under high temperature. In functional 4-6 sizes with no-slip ribbed handles.

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